Love & Addiction: Pen to Paper

Pen and string, fine liner coloured pens                           
Eyes, ears and mouth, good for seeing, listening and speaking. Hoping for a sense of higher conciousness and peace, but with what organ do we sense hope.

Pen and string, black fine liner 

Searching for how or if you are able to put it back together.
Brush and Ink, fine liner pen

Honesty is stitched together with lies
Train tracks, tracks to nowhere
Day of the dead
Decoding this new being
Halo of dishonesty, pain, inaccessible behind a barrier. Halo. Barrier.
Truth is obscured.
An absence of recognisable features
Something is missing, something is deteriorating
Identify, recover
Recovery of the distorted self becomes beyond your control
Change is in their control
Change is piecing together their once self
The overwhelming need to stitch together this form with positive energy
Only they hold the needle
They must work the seam of conciousness
We are our own couturier 


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