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I'm Emma, a mindfulness arts and crafts practitioner and researcher. I would also, as of recently, call myself a designer as I create fun and unique crochet patterns and sell them on Etsy: MindfulStitch

I spend my time developing my research and techniques in mindfulness arts and crafts practices. I created Mindful Stitch in 2013 to generate dialogue in and around the threads of wellbeing. Additionally, Mindful Stitch originated as a platform to guide my independent practice and community driven workshops in mindfulness embroidery practices. Now, Mindful Stitch explores a range of arts and crafts outlets. Continuing to focus on mental wellbeing, slowing down pace of doing and being attentive to the present moment. My work has developed more academic connections through my published paper in January 2015. Mindful Stitch: Generating dialogue in and around the threads of wellbeing (SWINNERTON, 2015).pdf

When I am not involved with Mindful Stitch I am eagerly learning French, as I moved to France from the UK in 2014. This language barrier (although rapidly becoming less of one) steered me to pursue more personal projects with Mindful Stitch, exploring different arts and crafts techniques, taking a particular liking to crochet.

Most importantly, and above and beyond any intense logic or overthinking, I love how the process of stitch making breathes calmly and brings happiness to my day.

So this is the crafty corner of the internet 
to illustrate Mindful Stitch, the processes and creations through the eyes of a mindfulness arts and crafts practitioner.

For more information on my work experience and projects I have been invloved with visit my linkedin profile; 

Linkedin Profile - Emma Swinnerton

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