Love & Addiction: An Artist's Submission

To be proactive. Steps.

I want to make a collection of drawings and textile pieces on the subject of love and addiction. From my experiences, I will aim to illustrate a side to addiction that shows the struggles, pain, frustraion, hope, faith, spirituality of someone who loves an addict. I want to submit this collection to The Luxembourg Art Prize, with the ultimate goal of sharing my journey (thus far), highlighting aspects of a world of love and addiction, and generate dialogue around mindful craft practices to hopefully help others in love or in addiction. 

What is the definition: 

Love : Deep Affection 

Addiction : The fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance or activity. 

Oxford Dictionaries

My understanding:

Love : Things that bring me joy. Activities that I get pleasure out of doing. People, to love someone, my most powerful manifestation of love. Love, the best gift we have to give. Love, to surrender. Love, to risk. To better to world. Love is to have a whole heart. Love never goes away, it is always present. We all have the ability to love. We share this quality. Love for the greater good, act with love for the greater good. Love might be painful sometimes.

Addiction : Repetitive or Physical addiction to sustances or acts. An absense of honesty, morality, truth, responsibility. Inability to live axiety or aggertation free as your purest self or in absence of sustance or act. Lessened sense of self and a distanced or none exisitent  use of introspection. A loss of reality, or a want to lose reality. A percieved answer to living in this world. 


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