Macramé Plant Hangers (2)

I used twine to make the plant hanger above. One thing I've learnt and would definitely recommend to anyone attempting this dangerous craft, is be aware of the health and safety measures. Joking aside, I do think it's important to wear a mask when you're using a very loose fibre twine like I did (hemp is it?). Tying those macramé knots just catapulted fibres into the air and your bad cough will distract you from your crafting.

These beads were a great find in Emmaüs un Metz, once lovely necklaces now lovely plant gems. Be sure to check out the holes are large enough to thread onto the string/trine/cord. If the beads are really fancy and you must have them I have tried beads on to things like this afterwards with fishing wire, our little secret.

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