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Today was the exhibition of the textile artists for the research and development module. We decided to call ourselves coll3ct, our collection of thoughts, installations and there’s three of us!

So from the last workshop I did on 5th Nov there were a few things I noted that I wanted to be different, so fist f all was the ambiance of the room and environment. In bought some fairy lights just the place on the table, something more homely and comforting and I’m glad the light was a little yellower than the light in the room, and with the other two having projections there was the possibility of the room being a little dark so they may have had a practical purpose.

‘Mindful Stitch’ workshop was in the middle of the room with the two other pieces at the sides of the room. I had two tables this time and last time, last time i made on long table joining two tables short edge to short edge, this time to create more of a communal area a joined them long edge to long edge to create a square and more of an equal face to face environment.
Also last time I just had the yarns on the spools and the fabrics sprawled over the table, was all a bit of an in organised affair. Today at a bit of a last minute decision I did decide to put my fabrics in boxes and some of the unused yarns in a box with pens as well in case anyone wanted to take part in the paper sampling. Prior to the workshop I cut small bundles of yarns and threads ready for the workshop however today it seems they might get a little tangled so it was suggested too pre-thread the needles with a rainbow of yarns and have them hanging from polystyrene …pressed in.…. Or are needles magnetic could they stick to a magnet on the wall??
The conversation as well was also an integral part to the workshop today, because people were arriving in dribs and drabs I felt it was important to be available for conversation on a one to one basis as well as a group.
Overall, I felt today went well, although not many people that came to the exhibition had time for the workshop (which the workshop needs…time to relax) I still felt the few I was able to talk to had great feedback for me.
I thought that the feedback I received was much more insightful to the process of the workshop techniques and the success of that. Not so intrusive like I now feel the original feedback worksheet I created. Now I have numbers for a mood scale before, during and after, I could really start to do some interesting things with that.

I have documented each sample with it’s tag and participation concent form.

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