Reflection on Today’s Samples

Blanket stitch. This participant chose to use blanket stitch. I feel any sritch can be appropriate id known well – a repetitive stitch slightly simple – almost a subconscious memory of the step by step of a stitch. I like the variety although I wonder if I was to teach stitches whether it be by step by step diagrams or showing the stitch live, would maybe create stress, learning something new is often not always perfected first time to may require too much intense concentration on the doing rather than the being.

This is the technique around the arm. I really like this, about an hour was spent on this piece by a participant, the blanket stitch again using lots of coloured yarns. The material was totally molded to the arm with layer after layer of stitch arouns the circumference of the whole arm. In the end the piece was slipped off and had no need foe a clip at all after time. I think this is a really good example of how investing time can create somejing special but also have the most impact on improving mood.

I wanted to point out in this sample how the stitch is barely visible. The yarns used here allowed this to happen, quite thin threads however mayber the stitch direction or tension also contributed. It’s a little like a secret – a secret stitch, a secrey feeling/thougt/emotion. With the thinner threads sinking into the fleece some of the stitching looks a little like a scar, a place that was stitched and healed leaving and imprint.

This piece using the wrapping around the arm technique was produced by a law student. I think it’s really interesting how this particular person has made formulaic decisions to follow the lines of the pattern on the fabric. Maybe this says something about how this person thinks and comparatively to other samples produced by predominantly creative minds from creative courses at the university who follow the line of form, folds and creases, not pattern.

Cricket ball?

Two layers of fabric around the arm. Taking the idea of sewing all the way around the arm. The top layer being a soft comforting fabric but the underneath acting as a barrier between the skin and top piece. I only wanted to try this myself as some people were worried about pricking themselves with a needle, this worked well for that purpose, although totally goes against the idea of feeling the fabric directly against the skin.

Photo copies of today’s smples and corresponding questionnaires.

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