‘Blanket’ Stitch

In terms of yarns and colour I was using what wi already had, these colours and yatns are not only pleasing to me they are also pleasing to sew with, giving minimum to no drag at all when stitching. I do however feel the ‘floss’ type yarn is most successful, it glides through the fabric and is so light (and pleasant to touch) there is no forceful effort at all – unlike some unsuccesses in the past.
This is stitching on the front from grasping the abric in my fist from behind. On the surface it looks quite flat almost like a patchwork as I have gravitated towards sewing along the pulls and creases in the blanket. I’ve noticed unlike some from workshop 1, how I enjoy spreading out with my stitch and filling the space. All at quite a slow pace, I’m learning to slow down my stitch, in the past I have always been a fast, yet expressive, worker. 60 mins.

In contrast to the front of the blanket the back has more of a structure, a hidden structure as the stitch os unseen by the folds. Quite a nice sentiment of not burying as we shouldn’t bury emotion, but holind something precious and personal, unseen by the eye.

Stitching with the blanket on my lap – the more conventional way of holding, wrapping, having contact with a blanket. Trying only to use the one hand to sew with not steadying with the other hand. So for this one I felt rather than feeling the concentration of my hand grasping the blanket, it was more the weight of the blanket on my lap that had my concentration. Although not direct contact the blanket seemed to feel a part of my own body, maybe because instead of manipulating it with a grasp, it was in as natural a state/position it could be. Or maybe it was the familiarity of a blanket which could have sparked a memory of a past blanket on my lap. Or maybe it was the warmth of the blanket.

And the final technique I tried was around my neck, it just felt like something I should do, maybe because I like scarves…..no bare with me…. the feel of fabric around my neck in such a way reminds me of a passion, again comforting and again warmth but here direct skin contact, slightly different touch feom the first technique because I think the skin on my neck is more sensitive plus relaxed, grasping the fabric in my hand could tense us my senses – my hands nervous system.

Final…so far?

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