Baby Cardigans

I adapted a shell cardigan crochet pattern to create these two different sizes and designs and a pair of matching socks. For the cream cardigan I used a cotton synthetic blend with a 5mm hook to increase the size of the overall cardigan suitable for 0-3 months. I made the sleeves shorter by making only three rounds of the shell motif as opposed to seven rounds which creates a full length sleeve. Although difficult to predict the exact size of baby, by the time my baby is about this age, the spring season will be upon us so I chose to crochet some five petal flowers and attached them along the empire line. In the center I embroidered a french knot in a matching colour to the buttons. 

For this second cardigan I used a much finer lambs wool yarn and a 3.5mm hook. This cardigan measures in a size suitable for newborns. I kept the sleeves of this cardigan long, however I did not finish them by decreasing and creating a cuff. Instead I kept the sleeves at the same width, stitch count, all the way down and left the sleeves open, a bit like a fluted sleeve. I thought that this design would look lovely with a long sleeved top underneath in cream, or even something ribbed or with a lace cuff. To fasten I chained a tie on either side of the opening instead of attaching buttons as I thought this would allow the opportunity to fasten the cardigan loosely in case baby is big. I made matching socks using a classic sock pattern then for the cuff I crocheted two rounds of the shell stitch and finished off with a round of double crochet (UK). I also added decorative his made from chained pieces to complement the cardigan.

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