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I've begun studying a masters degree in philosophy. 

Mindfulness and Mindful Stitch is all about managing my thoughts through crafting. I still find this a valuable tool to have, and believe it's very important to take time to slow down. I still believe that our mental wellbeing is very much reliant on our pace of doing and thinking.

I realised, however, that as beneficial as mindfulness is as a calming exercise, I am who I am and concentrating the mind on crafting is not possible all day every day. I accepted that I am somebody that over thinks perhaps more than others, but this needn't be a bad thing.

I enrolled on a masters in philosophy course as an opportunity to think intensely with the purpose of seeking truth. I allow my thoughts to run away and for once it feels appropriate. It's good to experience the unanswerable, but to.just try your best. It's also a way to believe in your own thoughts and ideas. When crafting I believe in my work in the sense that I know it is never wrong, but with thinking, my thoughts, my brain, I always felt so insecure that I was wrong. Philosophy has given me the confidence to believe in my thoughts, it has helped me thus far to manage my overthinking in a well-articulated way. 

Mindful practices focus the mind, and I feel perhaps not unwelcome, however not always useful, ends up hiding away from methodically working through thoughts. Philosophy has personally and academically given me tools to embrace overthinking in a context that encourages such behaviour.

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