There's something very liberating about making a crochet blanket in the sense that artistically and functionally they're super easy to make, very loose boundaries, they don't even have to be that good. It'll keep you warm, it'll add colour and texture to whatever furniture you throw it on, it'll always fit you if not a super king mattress, pressure's off!

Here I ran out of yarn and had to raid my yarn stash, I was definitely guessing when it came to the edge, and I did a really sloppy job with sewing in the ends. Ok I accept that if omeone paid me money I would take greater care over quality control, but when it's for my home I just want to have fun, I don't want to be stressed over those details, it's a type of letting go. 

I've spoke about letting go over those small details before, in life and in crafts, it sucks the fun into the sewer and when you try to enjoy a finish piece, it still wiffs of frustration and niggling (unimportant) annoyances. 

Hey, so what if it unravels one day, atleast our relationship was healthy while it lasted. Not filled with resentment, for potentially, infinity!

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