Forgotten Thoughts

I made a draft and forgot to write anything. I must have wanted to write something really poignant because I called the draft 'thoughts'. Now I've had to rename it to 'forgotten thoughts'. This is interesting, I must have been on the train of thought but now that's gone. It seems that whether it was the crocheting of hats that inspired the thought, or the peace I felt that allows thoughts to be less clouded and I can listen to my conscience clearer, I don't know. The point is I've forgotten. Have I forgotten, or is it because my state of mind is in a different place at the moment because my environment and actions have changed. Could I access, re-enter the forgotten train of thought by simply putting myself back in that place? I think so. I'm not sure if that's because we're creatures of habit and by that I mean a trigger can set in motion repetitive behaviours subconsciously, unless we intervene. Basically some certain things remind us of other certain things. And we think this way again and again and without saying no I'm going to try and change this by teaching myself to recognise this pattern, by becoming aware I can take my thoughts to something else...

Something that I have experienced on more than one occasion is the remembrance of dreams, only when I go back to bed at night. Has my pillow been holding on to those dreams/subconscious thoughts? Is this magic, some form or premonition? If I pick up the hats or wear the hats, will something similar happen. It's questions like this that make me wonder if I know myself at all, my conscience is clearly more powerful than I originally gave it credit for. Collectively and individually,  all our consciences are greater than us.

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