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Opening the Mindful Stitch Shop on Etsy

About one month and a half ago I did something that I have been talking about for a very long time, I opened my own Etsy Store: etsy.com/shop/mindfulstitch . The reason that I hadn't opened one sooner was because I just didn't know what it was exactly that I wanted to sell. Did I want to sell physical crochet pieces...or did I want to sell patterns?

I do still love the idea of selling actual pieces that I have made, maybe in the future, once I've got used to this whole being a business woman...can we say that...sounds very grown up. I'll say that I'm more of a Craft Facilitator. Anyway, for the moment at least I've decided to concentrate on writing patterns. This way there is no external pressure (orders etc), only the pressure I put on myself (let's keep that under control!), and I want to make sure that I'm thinking logically throughout this process. Additionally, I do think that writing patterns suits my practice (goals) more, because it is about generating dialogue in and around the threads of wellbeing. By being this crochet/craft facilitator, I'm aiding the mindful arts and crafts process with the tools that act as the starting point to becoming more mindful of the task in hand. Although, like any art or craft, we can of course practice mindfully with a spontaneous piece without following a pattern. There are alternatives, obviously this is a subjective to the preferred style. I do believe though that counting stitches, concentrating on the pattern, perfecting detail can heighten the attentiveness, mindfulness in a crochet project.

The satisfaction of knowing that my love for crochet process is shared by so many people all around the world also made me want to give something to crafters themselves, but like I said in the future I may start selling pieces as well as patterns.

So one and a half months ago, I started to think commercially...seasonal hmm, what might people like. As you can tell from the photos below I thought that it could be good to start with some smaller Halloween amigurumi. Oh, yes, I forgot to mention, I think that patterns for amigurumi is going to be the direction of the online store. I prefer this out of all types of crochet projects, I find this the most fun to create plus the face looking back at you when it's done can be the height of satisfaction! Here are some of the finished pieces with the patterns now available on Etsy;

There are more patterns at etsy.com/shop/mindfulstitch  . Watch out for the Christmas patterns coming very soon!

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