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Crochet Mice Cat Toys FREE Pattern original to Mindful Stitch - Step by Step Instructions

The People's Friend (More information - click here) has started their annual 'Love Darg' campaign, this year crafting items to donate to the charity Cats Protection, UK. I wanted to get involved and had a look at their website for their free knit patterns for toy mice and knit and crochet patterns for comfort squares/blanket components. 

Although their patterns look fantastic, (see end of this post for yet more info on the project and links to Love Darg pdf patterns) I much prefer to crochet, so I've made a free pattern (below) for crochet mice toys to donate to Cats Protection... Or simply to make for your own kitties at home. It's so simple however that I'm sure you would have the time to make multiple, to donate to Cats Protection (postage address end of blog post) and gift to your own cat!


Author - Emma Swinnerton -

Abbreviations (This pattern uses UK crochet terms)
dc - double crochet
2tog - double crochet 2 stitches together
st - stitch

You will need:
  • 3mm hook
  • scissors
  • toy stuffing
  • needle
  • yarn (double knit is best)

Body/ Head
1) Magic Circle with 6st (6) [See Fig 1, 2 , 3]
2) 2dc in each st (12)
For a stripey mousey, change colour every 2 rows [See Fig 4 for seamless colour change]
3) [1dc, 2dc in next st] x6 (18)
4) [2dc, 2dc in next st] x6 (24)
5-12) 1dc in each st (24)
13) [6dc, 2tog] x3 (21) [See Fig 5 for 2tog]
14) 1dc in each st (21)
15) [5dc, 2tog] x3 (18)
16) [4dc, 2tog] x3 (15)
17) [3dc, 2tog] x3 (12) [See Fig 6 for colour change during 2tog] [Final colour change]
18-19) 1dc in each st (12)
Stuff with toy stuffing
20) [2dc, 2tog] x3 (9)
21) 1dc in each st (9)
22) [1dc, 2tog] x3 (6)
Tie off, leaving a yarn tail.
With tail of yarn, sew in and out of stitches in round 22 [See Fig 7 & 8] Pull yarn to close round to a point. Tie off and sew in end.

[See Fig 9, 10 & 11]
Take 40cm length of yarn and fold in half.
With hook crochet a stitch pulling folded end of yarn through the end of the body.
Chain using the doubled up yarn until 3cm from end.
Tie and knot in end of tail to secure.

Ears (x2)
1) Magic Circle with 6st (6) 
[See Fig 12 - crochet loose end in round two for a neat finish]
2) 2dc in each st (12)
3) [1dc, 2dc in next st] x6 (18)
Tie off, leave yarn tail.
Sew yarn tail 4st along from end to pinch outer round of ear [See Fig 14]
Sew pinched side of ear to head (around rows 15-16 of body) 
Sew yarn tails from both ears through to (same) stitch on underside of body, tie together and sew ends into body [See Fig 15]


Fig 1

Fig 2

Fig 3

Fig 4

Fig 5

Fig 6

Fig 7

Fig 8

Fig 9

Fig 10

Fig 11

Fig 12

Fig 13

Fig 14

Fig 15

Fig 16

Love Darg

For knit pattern for mice and crochet/knit pattern squares for blankets;

The People's Friend Love Darg
The Love Darg is “The People’s Friend’s” very own charitable appeal.
Its name comes from an old Scots phrase meaning “work done for love”, and throughout its long life and various incarnations it has stayed true to that founding principle.
The Love Darg began in 1885 as a Grand Exhibition and Bazaar of Juvenile Industry to raise funds for a cot in the Children’s Ward of Dundee Royal Infirmary, and if you find yourself visiting Ninewells Hospital in Dundee today, you can still see the commemorative plaque that was originally displayed by the bedside.
As the years passed, the Love Darg developed into a nationwide charity appeal that saw “Friend” readers make and donate thousands of gifts which were distributed to hospitals, children’s homes and hospices the length and breadth of the UK.
This Year’s Appeal
This year, we’re asking our generous readers to make specific items to support the charity Cats Protection.These will be used for the comfort and entertainment of cats and kittens in their care or sold in their shops to raise vital funds to allow this charity to continue their vital work.
Please send your Love Darg knitted donation to Cats Protection “Love Darg Campaign”, National Cat Centre, Chelwood Gate, Haywards Heath, West Sussex, RH17 7TT.

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