Making space and being spatially mindful

Organising your stuff. And does that improve the tidiness of your thoughts?

For me the answer to this question is yes. This is a simple crochet pot, using tighter stitches than usual to hold the form.

If I feel like my things are organised properly, and by properly I don't mean just thrown in the wardrobe and shut the door, then I feel happier. Knowing that my things are organised how I would like, and are easy to find, makes me feel at ease. I also love to sort through my belongings quite regularly to get rid of the things that I don't use and give them to charity or family and friends to encourage me to use the things I really love.

This isn't to say however that I don't collect the most random of things, especially when it comes to my arts and crafts collection.

There are plenty of books around to give you tips and hints about the subject but this book in particular was very useful The Joy of Less: A Minimalist Living Guide : how to De clutter, Organise, and Simplify Your Life by Francine Jay

As somebody that is interested in more traditional arts and crafts, I am learning the value of things. The time and effort that goes into creating pieces has been forgotten because of course today it is common to own things that are mass produced, very quickly. I am starting to realise the truer connection between myself and a piece that I love, in contrast to something that I don't have much attachment over. It can be difficult to let things go, and I by no means want to live in an empty home, I do like stuff. I think for myself this is great practise for letting things go in my mind, returning to the same negative thoughts that I don't need, they're not useful, they've been and gone. The fact that they a reoccurring is just cluttering my brain.

I've heard of a technique called the 'f*ck it bucket', this is where you put all your metaphorical clutter, the things that will not enhance your metaphorical home. I wonder if maybe I can't completely remove these thoughts of the past, can I organise them in my wardrobe brain so that if the doors do open everything doesn't fall out at once and crush me!

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