Crochet Jar Candle Holders

Upcycling empty jars to create candle holders or storage pots

If you're like me and seem to collect jars waiting for recycle day, then this is a really cute idea for upcycling them to create some beautiful, bespoke candle holders to put around your home. Candles make me feel relaxed, there is something about the subtlety of the light and the flicker of the flame that's makes a room feel cosy at the end of the day.

I think that a lace crochet stitch allows the light of the candle to shine through the jar better, and cast some beautiful shadows. I have used a mixture of yarns, all from Phildar and suited to 2.5mm or 3mm hooks. Keeping the stitch delicate and small helps to achieve a mesh/lace pattern rather than a block of crochet. 

I found this project very effective for keeping the mind focused on the piece. This could be because there is some trial and error involved to adjust the number of stitches to allow your choice of stitch to continue seamlessly around the jar, however not so that it becomes frustrating. Sometimes a little working out can aid your mindfulness. It is a project that can be personalised easily, and if you're like me, some days I want a project where I can see the completion point in the near future, so it can be given as a gift or gifted to yourself sooner rather than later.

As this is a smaller project, it's great for building your confidence and understanding in crochet, counting stitches and having that balance between following a pattern for the initial stitch, but not having to refer to a pattern for the whole piece.

I began with a magic circle and an increased hexagon/circle using double crochet (UK) for the underneath of the jar. I found this aided working on the round, and the use of a base underneath created structure and added almost an anchor. Then from here it's time to choose the stitch you want to use and continue on the round until your crochet reaches the height of the jar, just under the rim. Finally, slip the crochet onto the jar and with the remaining tail of yarn (keep enough yarn attached to go about one and a half times around the jar), weave/sew the yarn in and out of the top row of crochet stitches, pull and secure. This will pinch the top of your crochet to keep it in place, just under the rim of the jar.

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