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My take on Zentangle

It's common for myself to think sometimes of Zentangle drawings as repetitive strokes using pen, lots of lines and emphasis on the 'tangle part, something quite complex. A common type is the tile monochrome piece.

Zentangle is a meditations art based on the theory of heightening awareness (being mindful of the task) using your instincts to create something effortless but accurate. This is why I thought I felt that small Zentangles were more effective, or at least with a smaller motif and small nibbed pen. In reality however, I apply the theory of Zentangle to a lot of drawing work. For example I had a go at glass painting and decided to have a go at a very delicate pattern. (Something you have to know is I don't always work this way, a lot of the time my drawings are very free and loose with accuracy.)

I found myself applying all the focusing techniques of a typical Zentangle piece making me thin it's not so different painting simple 'untangled' motifs on to a glass, as it is drawing more complex lines with pen and paper. So do we know where Zentanlge ends and mindful drawing begins? Or is it all one in the same?

The two obvious traits here is the use of accuracy and repetitive mark making.

Although when I choose to do a drawing involving a lot of accuracy (I can't tell you what influences me to do and accurate piece over a more expressive piece, I haven't figured that out yet) I do find myself so consumed by the detail, sometimes a little too much, it can become irritating. I say this, but I have successfully been mindful from beginning to end.

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