Zentangle embroidery

Mindful Stitch Considering the Zentangle Method

Considering the zentangle approach on cloth with random placement and shape of a stitch, always mindful of the relationship between needle thread and canvas.
The stitches here are under some constraint, the open weave of the linen persuades the mind to undergo linear and angular choices of placement and stitch. Taking methods of slow making, working controlled and on a smaller, arguably more mindful,  scale.
Being an embroiderer I am equipped with an archive of stitches to use however I do tend to stick to the same stitches, like a repetitive pattern however all subconsciously.  Maybe there is a point where too much thought becomes too complex to enjoy the making, however after work through my monograph and an interview with Melissa Fletcher, she shared that a more complex stitch to construct distracts her wondering thoughts much better than a simple running stitch.  On such a small scale however like previous samples, even the simplest of Stitch’s require attentive thought.
I have to consider this technique in a workshop environment which will have to cater for a wide range of stitch abilities.  Would having instructions on how to construct stitches be a good idea? Concentration would be needed, conscious decision making.

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