Future Materials – Graphite

Graphite, like so many materials, is CONDUCTIVE!
Depending on the density of the graphite will depend on the resistance in the circuit.
I was working with 6B so my circuit was quite conductive. We were recommended to work with nothing lower than a HB. The aim was to power some LED’s with a 9 volt battery and the graphite drawn heavily on paper (leaving no gaps) would conduct the current.
This is a simple circuit using only the battery and the LED.
We were encouraged to draw on graph paper to keep the circuit evenly spaced and the ‘wires’ the same width for even distribution throughout the circuit.

Simple Circuit

Graphite Scale
Next we began to experiment with a drawn potentiometer. This enabled us to have some control over the level of resistance in the circuit. Using the multi-meter we could see how a thicker area of graphite would act as potentiometer and a way to vary the resistance in the circuit, the closer each wire was to each other on the potentiometer meant that the resistance got less and less and the circuit was more conductive.

9 Volt Battery, LED, 6B Graphite, Clip wires

The longer the Potentiometer the more potential for a greater the change in resistance
Next we began to create alternative creation using the same techniques!

A Torch

Graphite conducted Village!

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