Meticulous Mark Makings

Taking inspiration from the ‘Zentangle method’, concentrating on the feel of the pen on the page into consideration whilst drawing. Looking at the careful placement of marks, taking the time and slowing down my pace of drawing which typically is quite fast and expressive.
The paper size is about 8cm squared, meaning naturally the marks are a lot smaller.  The paper is textured helping to feel the pen on the page, the woven effect on this paper is what led me to draw the repeat squares. Using a black pen on light paper means the marks stand out leaving no room for error.

Repeat squares
Carefully making the marks is slowly improving my patience which I think has a lot to do with being stressed sometimes. Realising that slow pace of making is not a negative thing, in fact it has positive effects on wellbeing, has encouraged me to consider makings that are although out of my comfort zone (for example not expressive and quick pace) could be beneficial to my own wellbeing. This kind of making is very relaxing.
I felt my body hunching to see the paper closer, maybe it’s a good idea to invest in a magnifying glass? I was sat at my studio desk, maybe lying down or raising the paper closer to my eyes could be interesting to try?

Drawing of the centre of a crochet square
This I really felt mindful over. The concentration needed for the present task in hand left no room for the mind to wonder nor pay even a light attention to my my environment.

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