Drawing Senses

Yesterday I was experimenting with some simple mark makings, masking out some senses and being mindful the characteristics and impacts that sense had on my mood.
The first series of drawings was inspired by my studio space, feeling the air circulating around the room through the air conditioning system, the towering boards the the spaces, the smell of coffee and the visual textures.
Using wallpaper lining as it is a little less smooth that cartridge allowing me to be more mindful of pen on paper (zentangle), but not quite as textured as some handmade papers I have been working with.
Drawing smell I found particularly difficult, I put earplugs in and closed my eyes, using only a black fine liner as medium was constant and was not important it was the marks were important. I found myself wanting to draw blindly the coffee beans or the steam to convey the heat, all visual, I could not find the descriptive words to portray the smell of coffee. I kept drawing vertical lines, thinking about the direction of the smell travelling into my nostrils. This was the sense I found most challenging. Which senses impact most on mood?

Studio Space Senses

Senses With Play-doh
The next set of drawings were around my senses in contact with play-doh. I found different ways of handling the play – doh in the hand/wrist area. I was able to draw the natural movement of the play-doh when in contact with these body parts. Some more comfortable than others. Again the smell was difficult, although drawing the mood the smell left me in was simple.

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