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I really needed to get my own emotions out in the open onto paper, experience some of my own narrowly directed art therapy! So I played some music that I know I live to sing to, tap, and relate to.
Experimenting with all different mediums. Although I have kept up with some deawing over summer I felt I really need to use this this time in this module/term to research techniques and mediums I like/struggle using. Not just to play it safe but to challenge my practice. So here I used acrylics applied with a palette knife (something I picked up in Finland) I live the flexibility of the tool, the control over thickness of the media applied. Different pens, and a little bit of stitch, all to music.

Here stitching in to the paper while the yarn is covered in paint. Creates a great way of recording the stitch, the memory of the stitch and therefore of the emotion. With the music playing and my emotion changing the line also changed. The heavier the line the more passionate I felt about a lyric. The more I could relate it to something I have felt before or from and event I have experienced. Lyrics, like text and poetry can really move me. I found the more fluid motions were some what of a transition between intense feeling.

Here using quink ink and bleach. I always love the effect created and here I started to write words being said that I felt I needed to highlight. Above I wrote “save me”.  From the Queen song. Quite an intense thought which I have felt before, someone save me, take me away from this awful place!! (Also a quote from my favourite film , Labyrinth,  by Jim Henson.)
Then with this I thought it ironic to see the good in a bad situation on the under side of this page and find and draw smiley faces.

Piercing the paper. Painful.

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