Cloth and Memory 2

This is the drawing I did in the exhibiton space itself. It was really great to just spread out because the space was so vast with it being an old milling/textile workshop/room. I concentrated on the piece I felt had the best layout as part of an installation.  This piece is by a Japanese artist called Yoriko Murayama. But as well as this I wanted to capture the foreground and background of the space. Behind was the work of Katsura Takasuka, however it was the plinths that her work was sat in which stood out to me. The clinical white against worn tale of brick work made it even more so. The floor was created by rubbing graphite as I was working in the floor I thought it would be great to capture the texture of it. I felt like a bit of a Van Gogh taking subtle colours but in my own minds eye they were so much more bright and bold and colourful! I also wanted to show the light on the ground in my drawing.

This drawing is of the same piece however just using ink. I wet some of the areas with a brush as I liked the colour that the envelope I worked on to went. I recorded it as now the envelope is try and boring! It is just a memory.

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