Natural Materials - Notes/thoughts
synthetic, chemicals, factories, ethical? environmentally poor? sustainable? fur
natural vs synthetic dyes, natural only takes to natural fibers,
synthetic dyes into rivers...harmful
Sponge, wax

Violin Bows
Many violin bows are made with horsehair. There’s no need to use “mare” hair to play Mozart, so quit horsing around! Make your violin, bass, cello, fiddle, or viola sing with synthetic bows made from carbon fiber or fiberglass.

again lots of synthetic alternatives, is growing bamboo to chop down going to help pandas, i thought they were running out of bamboo and that was one reason they are declining rapidly in number.

one point she highlights is the mistreatment of the animals, if we treat them better can we use their wool, or is that her excuse to shock us because other than that sheep grow their wool back.... im confused, she's misdirecting us.

Disposal and biodegradability


Is this not missing the point
Using plastic bags for yarn, is that really sustainable, it's great way to recycle, but is it biodegradable, 
you'd have to produce more plastic for this. sheep regrow wool !!! Like horses regrow hair!!!! 
like ducklins grow their proper plume after being babies! It's about the treatment of the animal!

The biodegradability of various fibers in soil burial and sewage sludge was evaluated by Korean researchers. Rayon was found to be more biodegradable than cotton, and that more than acetate. The more water-repellent the rayon-based fabric, the more slowly it will decompose. Silverfish can eat rayon.
A recent ocean survey found that rayon contributed to 56.9% of the total fibers found in deep ocean areas, the rest being polyesterpolyamidesacetate and acrylic.

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