Wedding Crafts: Flower Pressing

Pressing the bouquet, button hole, or table flowers.

I had never really pressed flowers seriously before, knowing that I really didn't want to mess this up, I can't go back in time if I do! So I really tried to think about where I was going to press them, what books or other weights I had that I could use, blotting paper (let's do this proper!). I tried to press as many of the flowers as possible, if they were still fairly good looking. I wanted to have back ups. I kept an eye on my bouquet in the days after our wedding in France then later our reception in England, so that I could have them on display to enjoy but I didnt want them to wilt too much because I knew that pressing already dulls the vibrancy of the colours in the leaves and petals, so I wanted then to have as much pigmentaion to begin with.

So blotting paper, I had some but realistically I pressed way more flowers than I had blotting paper for so for some I used kitchen roll. As far as I could tell, if you layer the kitchen roll about three times the results are just as good. I emptied my book shelves. The flowers were all such different ticknesses, some 'filler flowers' neede barely any weight applying to them, the thinket ones with much chunkier stems and heads needed a lot of weight. Some of the flowers were so chunky that the books on top of them didn't sit level so I steadied the books with chairs!

Overall it took about twoo weeks until I was happy with houw dry they were, sometimes I had a peak at their progress and felt that the blotting paper/kitchen roll needed changing to ones new and dry.

Then I framed them :)

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