Wedding Crafts: Center Pieces & Train Tickets

The theme of our wedding was very personal to us. There wasn't a particular colour theme or trend that we adopted, just a lot of craft making and places that we had connections too, ie where we met or where we have visited together. Each table therefore was named after a place that felt pertinent to us and our relationship. 

The center pieces of each table were made of a collection of items, slightly bric a brac style,  that represented those places. We explored charity shops, other bargain shops, craft shopw, decoration shops and also online shops to find things that fit the brief. First we brain stormed ideas so that we had a similar amout on items to search for for each table, so that one wasnt rammed with junk and another looked like it'd been neglected. We went for about five items per table, but this altered depending on the siwe of the items. When we went on our quest in the shops we would still keep an open mind for inspiration, the list wasn't set in stone. We tried to both think of stereotypical representaions plus some that were pesonal to us, but the idea was fo the guests to also understand the meaning of the pieces in relation to the place.

My father is also a train conductor and I am from a town in England known for little more than it's railway connections, so a fun idea for a table seating plan was to give people personalised tickets refering to their destinations (their table names). We added ewtra details to make them authentic, like the day, what route you might take, we just used our imaginations!

Below are some examples of places and the items we used as representations.

Inari (lapland, Finland) Sleigh and deer, lilly of the valley, star lantern

La Londe les Maures (South of France) Grapes for wine, lavender, sea shells

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