Woven Wall Hangings

Recently I have seen a lot of amazing, experimental woven wall hangings on inspiration sites like pinterest and instagram. A lot of them play with thickness of yarn to create layers and levels to the wall art. I also noticed a colour theme trending among these pieces, yes by different artists, but there seems to be a lot of cream tones mixed with almost florescent accent colours. I wanted to have a go at weaving, this imagery had inspired me although I'm not really a cream kind of person, I didn't have any in my stash, nor did I have yarns of extreme thickness. Like with the majority of projects, I try to use what I have in my stash, is his recycling, upcycling,  or is it a way or tidying up/organising? Maybe the urge to buy and the urge to make are quite separate. 

Wow, there was no plan, I literally pulled yarn out of the stash hat I forgot I had/ from a completely separate stash abandoned under my desk. With moving countries I tried to contain things in a lot of canvas bags, but what's in these bags is a mystery! As you can see nothing matches in terms of yarn weight, although not as drastically different as some of these pieces I'd seen online, they are different enough to make some exciting textures.

I had never woven something 'real' (by that I mean not so outrageously artistic the term weave is used loosely or something used as a sample in a sketchbook) therefore I was learning. Just want to point out my booboo (evidently I could not be bothered to undo it) the bottom of the red diamond does not have a seamless edge with the surrounding colour but the top half does. I figured this was because if there is an inverted triangle then the outer colour must be woven under each edge of triangle. In contrast, the right way up triangles mush have the surrounding colour woven on top of each edge of triangle.

I am very happy with the outcomes. They hang in my studio and bring a burst of colour. Even though the colours are so different I think that because they were made by the same hands they look like an ensemble. 

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