Dream catcher

Mandala style crocheting

This project started on one of those days where I just wanted to pick up the hook and yarn and make anything. The structure of a mandala gives you a great base to adapt and add your own influences. I felt like using a smaller hook to create something with more detail, with a bit more control, however, I did not want to follow a pattern, I just wanted to work with the yarn, almost like drafting/sketching. The outcome doesn't have to be perfect but the loose outline of the piece should represent something notable. 

Similar with sketching, I can the feeling that it can be about the connections with the material. Experimenting with the medium in the way a pencil has the means to create gradients of shades, like wise line and control. Working with yarn in this way where you just crochet, no unravelling or pattern following, is like sketching without erasing. 

It is clear by the photos that the mandala goes through comparative points of accuracy and contrasting liberty. By just moving forward and letting go of my own responsibilities to create structure or form allowed me to enjoy the stitching process without frustration. The already in place mandala gave me a visual idea of an outcome but nothing too strong that I couldn't adapt and make choices instinctively instead of thinking ahead. This type of process aids my mindful practice, making it easier to think only of the moment, of only one decision at a time, taking away any pressure or expectation.

This mandala became a dream catcher and a gift for somebody. Does the idea of giving somebody a gift that could arguably not have been given consideration in planning and accuracy be tainted? Does this make sense? I mean a gift that has been a instrumental in a 'selfish' mindful process and not with the intent of being beautiful, I don't think that matters to the recipient but I do feel there is a change in relationship between myself and the piece.

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