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Mindful Stitch Video

To show the process of slow making through film I felt it important that the film had suiting dynamics.
I had a friend photograph me while stitching into my ‘Mindful Stitch Jumper’.
Using stick motion with tweening, with usually 10 tweens between each image, to overlay and make the pace of the film slower.
All images were edited to the same size in photoshop to keep a consistency to the film.
Adding music on top of the piece creates a calming piece in itself.
This part below is one of my favourite parts with the threading up of the needle.

Mindful Stitch
Emma Swinnerton
Mindful Stitch follows both personal independencies and community derived workshops exploring mindful
embroidery practices. Through initial methods of Buddhist mindful practices and social inclusion, Mindful Stitch sits under the umbrella of health and wellbeing and aims to take time out from the everyday to slow down.
Twenty first century sociological observations suggest that society if infected with the ‘Hurry Virus’i. Using mindful stitch practices on the body, one can be more mindful of the present moment, slow down pace of making and combat stress, anxiety and depression.
My Mindful Stitch Jumper encompasses attentive thought to the dimensions of body and mind. The contact between my body and the fabric is enhanced by mindfully being whilst wearing the jumper. Stitching into the jumper preserves the contouring and negative space of my body, making this a very personal three-dimensional composition. Blanketing myself with this shape adds warmth and security.
Elements of comfort and belonging occur with the use of a soft jumper, the fabric enhances mood through sense of touch. My Mindful Stitch Jumper becomes an attachment, and with the ability to add to and wear the jumper over and over it is a transportable and sustainable piece.
Alongside is a diary to record any emotions, thoughts or mood that corresponds to date-labelled stitches on the jumper.
Process of making is the key to mindful embroidery practices. Documenting the practice with film not only gives a visual dimension of the mindful process, but becomes a therapeutic piece in itself for others to take time out and watch.
Mindful Stitch Video Link:
i Kickbusch, I. (2012). 21st century determinants of health and wellbeing: a new challenge for health promotion. Global Health Promotion,19(3) 5-7. Doi:10.1177/1757975912454783

I was shortlisted for the Batsford Prize, London. Here’s me with my work on the wall!

It was great to talk to some of the editors. It seems that slow crafts is a book they will be publishing soon so I have contacts there now! Unfortunately I didnt win but it was fun nevertheless and a great day out in London! It just goes to show how entering competitions can really get your name/work out there and noticed!

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