RSA Design Awards – Everyday Wellbeing Entry

I finally got my boards together for the RSA design awards 2014.Coming up with a theme to the boards was a bit difficult, in the end I went with something simple.

I wanted to stick to this although it was challenging, but I feel now it’s something I can reuse in the future and entering was great promotion for Mindful Stitch.
To begin with I was layering up a lot of imagery, mark makings and stitches from samples. The end result was more of a clear layout, white background and everything in line or placed on a grid guide line.
I really struggle with laying things out on a computer screen, its just not tangible enough for me, so I created some small paper versions using the imagery and breakdown I had planned.  These paper boards later played a part in the background for the background of the final ones.

Final boards;

Through the boards I told a story. First what this was, then Mindful Stitch in activation, the methods of social inclusions and the techniques themselves, and the success of the final  outcome and the real selling of the workshop.
I often over crowd or can over work a piece and this exercise challenged the way I present my work in a way that is clear and universal. This also encouraged me to get some good photos!

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