E-Textiles & Ohms Law

I’ve signed up for quite a lot of Future materials workshops this semester, the first two where called E-Textiles and the second was learning about ohms law highlighting that I remembered nothing about physics from school!
E-Textiles explored making simple circuits using a metallic conducting yarn, coin batteries and LEDs. Stitching into fabric to make the circuit and then creating a pocket to hold the battery and ensure that the battery was touching the correct places in the circuit so we didn’t make any short circuits!

The first circuit using LED, coin battery and conductive yarns

The second circuit, hidden circuit and embroidered flower exterior

9 Volt Battery and LEDs
Ohms Law. We looked at definitions and water flow examples of how electricity well works in a circuit.
Measuring the amount of volts taken by one LED allowed us to calculate how many LEDs we could integrate into a circuit without the bulbs blowing.
If we only wanted one bulb then we had to calculate the correct resistor to use and add that into the circuit.

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