Walking as Art

Walking as Art
Walking as Art: Walking “to avoid global Catastrophe”.
A Review of The Robinson Institute by Patrick Keiller at Tate Britain
‘Currently, walking as art is ubiquitous, especially but not exclusively in the UK. There is a Walking Artists Network, founded in 2007, for “all those who are interested in walking as a critical spatial practice”. The website Walking and Art is devoted to artists walking and records, among many artists’ walking initiatives, a work by Hamish Fulton, at Tate Modern, London, last year, called ‘Slowalk (In Support of Ai Weiwei)’. It involved public participation in a meditative perambulation around the Turbine Hall and demonstrated Fulton’s continued commitment to his 1973 resolution to “only make art resulting from the experience of individual walks”. Long himself has an exhibition at the moment at the Hepworth Wakefield till October.’
Walking as art is taking the idea of taking it slow. time for ideas to develop. The kind of dynamic i hope my workshop will achieve. Like Maxine Bristow and her favourite place to do work being the bus home, so she purposefully takes the slower bus route.
Mindful Stitch & Walking as art

I went to explore my own mindful walking, whilst stitching. Maybe not so successful in a busy town centre. I go a friend to film myself. I think that having film is an interesting medium, I wish I had filmed myself creating some to the mindful stitch pieces, maybe then I could have read body language? Remembered moments where I felt most relaxed. Anyway for the walking I felt it could be successful as another tool in the workshop, maybe walking up and down corridors stitching, or maybe even as simple as going for a walk somewhere, no stitching, just walking, fresh air, no where in particular to go, the pace can be a relaxed one. I know for me I am always walking so quickly to get to where I want to go, I must miss so many things on my journeys. Mindfulness is about being in the moment, taking in yourself and the surrounding.
I think that I shouldn’t forget about the walking just yet, maybe try out some different techniques with a group, like walking then stopping/sitting to stitch, moving the environment, seeing how the stitch changes from a busy bench in the middle of town, to the park, in the shade, in the sunlight….

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