Tablet Drawings

I decided to turn my hand to drawing on my tablet. Using an application called sketch guru, allows me to pick from a huge rainbow of colours asnf a variety of brush styles, thickness and opacity. I drew these today a great way to draw on the go and with so many colours and brush types available the subconscious drawing style is made more intense with very little to think of in the way of materials and practicalities. A real breakthrough for my own mindful practice. The drawing felt even more mindful from the touch on the screen, all energy and concentration through the tip of my finger. With these drawings I was in a low mood, they really did help to create a tranquility and worked as a distraction from the world. With not knowing my way around the app well I feel there was an air of experimentation to familiarise myself with the app. I think the net mindful tablet drawing session will be full of more subconscious desicion making.

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