Mindful Stitch at Subversive Stitch: Revisited November 2013, Victoria & Albert Museum

One Mindful Stitch workshop was welcomed to the Victoria and Albert Museum at the conference Subversive Stitch: Revisited 29-30 November 2013, and was well received. There were achievements and confidences to be felt tackling something that seemed to have so much interest and positive encouragement from other academics and enthusiastic arts and crafts practitioners.  

At the conference

Actually in the conference pack

Re-making Picasso’s Guernica

The Sleeping Bag Project

Lots of great advice and ideas given! It gave me a lot to think about.
This also was a great experience for adapting to an environment and the space given.
Ideas of self harm were proposed given the area of some of the mindful stitch techniques at his point. The idea of this area, the wrist and palm, being sensitive to change in temperature.
Althea Greenan introduced Bobby Barker’s work to me and her involvement with her mental illness and drawings. Additionally her look into mood correlations and art/craft.
The soft fabrics, the recycled jumpers and scarves, reminded people of animal comforts, stoking a pet, and how therapeutic that an be.
A lot of advice on books about mindful knit but it seems that embroidery is not as widely practiced, especially as a noted mindful practice.

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