Mental Health Week, Mental Health DAY!

Today I went to the tea and cake meeting in the atrium outside the library promoting that it was mental health week with stands from all sorts of organisations.  There was a stand for massage, and some for coping with stress in the work place, a stand to help families of sufferers of eating disorders and then finally the organisation more closer to home, the University Wellbeing Services.
After the unsuccessful amount of emails sent out to some places it was great to finally make somewhat of a breakthrough.  First of all  spoke with Joanne who informed me all about the services, and then put me into contact with Gemma, the organiser on WOW(Workshops on Wednesdays). Workshops held to help combat stress/anxiety and depression.    Wednesday 16th Oct will be the first workshop (Anxiety Management) I will be able to sit in and either participate or just take notes, but to be honest I would love to participate. Unfortunately, I am not able to assist in the workshop, but it’s still some great first hand research!

Gemma also gave me some other places and organisations I could possibly contact which I now neeeeeeed to follow up on! An organisation called HOOT, situated opposite Queens street studios. Another was Leeds psychological services, Huddersfield doesn’t seem to have as many contacts as bigger places further a field. The third was ‘Signal point of access’ and the final Huddersfield community health team.
Let’s GO!
While I was there I did a small exercise myself, we were given paper in the shape of apples to write on 5 things that we do that we enjoy and basically keeps our minds in a healthy sate – our outlets. (5-a-day) These apples as a collective were tied to a stand in the shape of a tree. Some food for thought!

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