This blanket took me a long time to complete. It was my first real crochet project, that didn't turn into a PHD (project half done). I started it back in May.

Throughout this project I had my nose in a crochet granny square book. But I still managed to do it a bit wrong. I'm not sure why but I started the first square using the technique back loop only. This could explain perhaps why the squares are so large...I'm not sure. I did add a 'border' around the squares because I wanted them to be that little bit bigger.

I still haven't sewn in all the ends! I really can't be bothered. With embroidery I find that where you sew in the ends or even if you don't at all, all in all it's more forgiving. BUT crochet is a different story. As it's a blanket, being moved around when I go to bed and make the bed in the mornings, the ends stick out of the side! I poke them back in. Yes it's very time consuming and lazy, why don't I just sew the ends tell me! I do have one reason that I can think of, wherever I sew the ends, they seem visible on the top side... so I'll just leave them.

UPDATE: I still have this blanket, it's in my living room. It's now October 2016 and I still haven't sewn in the ends!!!!

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